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Anglican Missions

tanzania1.jpgWhat Does OFM Do?

Over the past nine years, the director of OFM, Fr Francis Wardega, has been serving the African Church, teaching and developing future leaders.  This ministry gives flesh to the part of the Great Commission that says:  “teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.”

The ministry has done great work both in Kenya and Tanzania in East Africa.  It is not a colonial ministry that sends someone in for a week to pass out money.  This ministry puts a person on the ground for over a month, in a specific focused area, to teach ministry to young clergy and lay leaders in areas where such education is hard to get.

Many others go the large cities in Africa.  They do good work.  OFM goes to the rural, more primitive areas, where few go, lives there, and offers ministry education that is not locally available.  It works.  An examination of the pages at the web site,, shows the long lasting effects of the work.

An individual days instruction to a group of three hundred people is often quickly forgotten.  However, knowledge gleaned from many small groups (8-10 clergy & church leaders), each spending a week in close contact with a “mwalimu” (Swahili for teacher), has a profound effect on a diocese.

Classes include:

What the Church Believes, Teaches and Practices.         Map of TanzaniaMap of Tanzania
The Ethos of Ordained Ministry, a Calling, not a Job.
Fundamentals of Sacred Scripture.
Pastoral Theology
Anglican Studies
Case Studies in Parish Ministry

This ministry must work.  OFM has current invitations to come and teach from Bishop Boniface Kwangu, Bishop Jackton Lugumira, Bishop Daudi Chidawali, Bishop Maternus Kapinga, Bishop Gerard Mpango, all from Tanzania, and from Bishop Jackson Nzerebende from Uganda.  In the past, OFM has worked alongside of Bishop Alpha Mohammed of Tanzania, and SOMA-UK.  See below for the details of the newxt mission trip.

Dodoma Class

Dodoma Class

Mission Trip to Africa – 2009

OFM missioner, Fr Francis Wardega will leave Nov 8th for Tanzania on a six week teaching trip to the Anglican diocese of Victoria-Nyanza.  There, he will teach advanced ministry topics to twelve students he first taught in August-Sept 2008.  Additionally, he will teach basic subjects to twelve new students from the diocese.  He will return just before Christmas.

It takes three days to get to Mwanza, on the coast of Lake Victoria, the see city for Bishop Boniface Kwangu.  The journey goes through New York City, to Dubai, and then to Dar es Salaam on the Indian Ocean coast of Tanzania.  From Dar, a Tanzanian flight takes Fr Francis the last six hundred miles to Mwanza.

While there, Fr Francis will also visit parishes of the diocese, celebrating liturgy, preaching, working with vestries, meeting congregations, visiting orphanages and hospitals.  He will bring greetings from faithful Anglicans in America and show Anglicans in Africa that there are faithful Anglicans in America.

From the very beginning of the Christian era, followers of Jesus had a Spirit driven concern for evangelism, in their own backyard, and for the whole world.  That same concern dwells within each one of us today.  One of the marks of a good church, a good parish, is a heart for the missions.  Go into any church and look at the bulletin board.  Do you find information about the foreign missions?  Are the people and the parish part of an ongoing mission effort?  Look and see.

OFM offers an opportunity to give flesh to the Great Commission.  God does not call everyone to travel to distant foreign lands to spread the Gospel message.  Yet, all can share in that task through concern, prayer, and financial support.  All can share in the grace through concern, prayer and financial support.

We ask your help.  We ask your prayers.  We ask your financial support.  This ministry, OFM, continues to serve God and His people, through the blessings of His grace and the contributions of His people.  The needs are great.  The work is vast.  The Holy Spirit is all-powerful.

Would you become a patron of Office of Foreign Missions?

Costs for the 2009 mission trip:  $5,500
Money already raised:  $4,900
Still needed:  $600

Can you help us go to Africa?  Can you send a donation.  Please note: we will send stuff for your bulletin board.  Please let us know if you need that.

In the mendicant tradition of the church, we beg your prayers, personal and corporate.  In the mendicant tradition of the church, we beg your financial support, personal and corporate.
Fr Francis & Chigogo Children
Please send donations to:  Office of Foreign Missions,
St John the Apostle Church, 18401 Canal Rd, Clinton Township MI 48038.

We pledge the most ministry for your donated dollar.

Asante sana!          (Thank you very much in Swahili)

Fr Francis Wardega
Canon Missioner to Africa

Fr Francis Wardega
Office of Foreign Missions
Missionary Society of St John
A Member of Forward in Faith
18401 Canal Rd, Clinton Twp MI 48038


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