Posted by: MamaPatricia | August 12, 2008

Monday evening

I had a nice day today. I did all of my wash and cleaned up the house. My friend Jan Fick came by in the afternoon and we went up to Romeo MI. to do some shopping and then had ice cream. I enjoyed our time together. She is such a good friend.

I heard from my hubby today. He was pleased with his first day of teaching. He had five students and expects more tomorrow. These priest have not had formal training. Francis said that they did well.

He just texted me tonight. He slept for 7 hours which is great. He is having some stomach distress, so I ask for prayers for his health.

Thanks again for all the prayers. Jesus bless you all. Goodnight!



  1. Sounds like Fr. Francis is doing well, and you’re having an enjoyable time while he’s away, too.

    Keeping you both in our prayers.

  2. Thanks for your kind words and prayers Joni. How are things with you all in OHIO! I bet the boys are getting big now. How was their school year? How is your hubby? Anything new with you? Would love to hear from you.


  3. I’ll have to e-mail you!

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