Posted by: MamaPatricia | June 25, 2007

Mama Koyo



Mama Koyo is the wife of Bishop Koyo. She is phenomenal. People see her as a kind and loving woman of God. Her words can leave you speechless. She is a mother of five children, they are all grown now. Along the way she has adopted several others. Mama works as a school teacher. The church calls her “mama” which is a great honor. Her ministries include teaching the young women of the church how to be women of God and encourages and mentors many of the young widows that are under her care. She is always looking for ways to help others. Her work ethic is unbelievable. She ran the house so effortlessly.When I arrived until I left she took care of our needs. When I had a hard time with food she would make me things that i could eat.

She would tell me about life in Kenya. Her stories about the life of a woman were eye opening. I enjoyed the stories that she shared with me about her time growing up. I was touched by the struggles that she went through. She has a smile that touches deep within your soul. Her laugh was precious. She called me sister.

I will never forget her and hope that some day we will meet again!





  1. You can tell by the beautiful smile on her face that she is a wonderful woman of God!

    I love your blog, Patty!

  2. Thanks Joni!

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