Posted by: MamaPatricia | May 28, 2007




Pamela was one of the first women to share with me here about her life. The first time we talked I asked how she was doing. (Now you have to understand that that kind of question is foreign to Africans. No one asks how are you doing here. I did not know this at the time!) After she looked at me with surprise, she answered that she was sad. I ask why are you sad, and she responded that her baby son died several months ago from diarrhea. I was stunned! I then found out that her husband died before the baby was born. I was so touched by her pain. I felt stupid for intruding into her life. From that point on she would come and just hang out with me and talk.

She took care of us while we were there. She would clean our room and wash our floors. One night I saw the BIGGEST spider in the whole world in our house. She found it the next day and killed it for me. She even left the body out so others could see just how big it was. We talk about her other two boys. She loves them so very much.

Mama Koyo has been working with her and has helped her to grow in self-esteem and to make good decisions for herself and her boys. She is saving up money to buy her own land so she can have a place of her own for her family.

Mama and Bishop have made her the principal of the school. She just thrives in this position. She takes her position seriously and does a wonderful job with the children. There is about 250 children in the school.

About a week before we left I found out that she was HIV positive. I was also told that her husband and son both died from AIDS. She does not live her life like a dead person, but as a fully alive person. Pamela you have left a large impact on my life. I have learned to live more fully alive in the Lord Jesus Christ my Savior. You have taught me not to live my life in the future or the past but in the glorious present. This is a true gift from God and I am grateful for having met you.



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