Posted by: MamaPatricia | May 25, 2007



Mama drove us into town today to get our email and send off some new dispatches! We stopped off at Nakumatt. It is similar to Kmart. It was strange being in an air-conditioned place.

I have not been doing too well with the food here. So while I was in Nakumatt I started to look around for some food that maybe I could eat. I ran into a woman named Patricia from Indiana. She was in her 60’s. She does mission work here 6 months out of the year. She has been doing this now for over 6 years. She told me that getting a sick tummy was the price that you pay for the work we do.

I bought Ragu. It was such a small jar and it cost almost $4.50 American dollars. I picked up a jar of Jiffy peanut butter and a loaf of white bread. I hope that this helps me out! Nakumatt has a frequent shopper card! Just like home!!

The cheese here is so expensive! About $14.00 a pound. The milk comes in a plastic bag. Apples are pretty sickly looking and expensive. The local fruits and vegetables are excellent. I looked all over for sunburn lotion and found none.

It is funny what foods I crave. I dream about eating some pork and having some macaroni salad when I get home. I have already planned a trip to Meijers when i get off the plane.



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