Posted by: MamaPatricia | May 25, 2007



In my preparation for Africa, my husband and I had many conversations. He would tell about his other trips to Africa and some of the things that I might expect. I asked him about the laundry situation. He told me that others will do our laundry. It is their way. They will wash and iron our clothes. I thought at the time that this will be strange for me, to have someone else wash my clothes.


On my last visit into Cleveland, Ohio to visit my mom, we went shopping at Marcs. She wanted to buy me a few things for the trip. We picked up toiletries and the like. While at the store, my mom suggested that I buy new underwear. You don’t want underwear with holes in them going to Africa with you! You never know who would see them! We had a good laugh! I picked up two packs of very colorful underwear, orange and red, green and yellow. They were striped and polka dotted. You get the idea bright and loud.


When I arrived in Kisumu laundry was one of the last things on my mind. They provided a place for us to put our dirty clothes in our little room. On day two the dirty laundry disappeared. It returned later that day washed, ironed and folded. They iron everything, including my underwear! A few days later to my horror I saw the laundry hanging out to dry. They had run out room to hang things so they hung my underwear all over the bushes around the house! I laughed and thought about Mom and me talking about having good underwear in Africa! Thanks mom, everyone has seen them now!

I should have picked up the white ones!



My mother, my sister and me!



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