Posted by: MamaPatricia | May 24, 2007

Lake Victoria and the fisherman

The fisherman

Growing up on the shores of Lake Erie, I loved to go by the water. So when Bishop Koyo announced that we were going by Lake Victoria, I was excited. We drove on dirt roads that look like mine fields! Then we drove across the land where there was no road and came to the Lake. It was beautiful!

Boat on Lake Victoria
Everywhere we have gone, people came out to greet us. This place was not different. The children followed us down to the water and ran to be in the pictures. They giggled to look at the pictures that we would show them on the camera. Many of them have never seen themselves in a picture before.
I love to fish. I fish at Black Lake in Michigan. It is so beautiful and peaceful there. This Lake reminded me of it. The water is dark and calm. It was interesting to see the boats and the nets that the fishermen use. The boats on Lake Victoria are very different from the ones back home! They are wooden. The fishermen use nets and fish only at night. These young fishermen were giddy to have their pictures taken! Bishop Koyo was so excited to show us the nets. You can see that by the smile on his face.
What a wonderful memory. I have now seen all of the GREAT Lakes! Thanks God for such a wonderful day!

Sunset Lake VictoriaBishop Koyo, Mama Nelly and Me at Lake VictoriaThe NetsDown by Lake VictoriaBy Lake Victoria






  1. Great settings, excellent photographs & cheerful faces of the children. Well, will this last for ever? I mean will these children still be smiling tomorrow when they grow to be adults wanting to carry on the profession of their fathers? Will there be any more fish left in the Lake Victoria? The indiscriminate fishing going on presently is shortly going to wipe off all remaining fish stocks. Like me these children will have to seek their future elsewhere. Large scale fish exploitation benefitting only a handful of rich and well connected has already robbed many hundreds of us like me of our traditional livelihoods.

    If you want your next generation to come back to this place and enjoy Lake Victoria, its surroundings and the communities that live around it do something and protest against the plundering of this natural resource. You from the West – please raise your voices so that our governments of Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda will stir from their slumber and take some corrective action. Our own voices are too weak and powerless to impress those in power into action.

  2. I am the wife of a missionary priest who goes to Africa to teach young clergy.

    I would not be knowledgeable of improper fishing practices in Lake Victoria.

    I try to be the healthiest helper that I can be when I went to Africa. My husband does the same.

    However, we know that we are visitors and have little appropriate place to correct African people in their land.

    We affirm what Nelson Mandela wrote some years ago.

    “Africa is beyond bemoaning the past for its problems. The task of undoing that past is ours, with the support of those willing to join us in a continental renewal. We have a new generation of leaders who know that we must take responsibility for our own destiny, that we will uplift ourselves only by our own efforts in partnership with those who wish us well.”

    In our little way we hope to partner with the African friends we have.

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