Posted by: MamaPatricia | May 21, 2007



Old Mary is pictured here with me. She is such an inspiration. She is around 75. She comes to the church compound every day and cleans. She will take a hand held broom and sweep the dirt road, the areas surrounding the church, school and the houses. No one askes her to do this, she just does it.While she is working whe will sing songs about the Lord in Luo. Luo is the trible language.

She is always finding flowers and putting them on the altar.


She is one of the most humble people I have ever meet. She loves to sing at church and when we go on the road to other churches. She has this interesting looking bull horn that she uses to project her singing. You can see her with it in the picutre below










She is a poor woman by the world’s standards but she is one of the riches women I have ever meet.


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