Posted by: MamaPatricia | May 19, 2007

Dispatch 4

The women work here from sun up to sun down. Up before dawn. Building the fires to cook the food and then cooking the food. Getting water to wash the food. The food needs to be washed with boiled water. After they are finished with the meal, they need to boil more water to wash the dishes. I can hear them scraping the pots that they have used to cook with. When they are done with the breakfast they do the laundry. They get the water from the pump and use basins with soap in them to wash up the clothes. They then rinse the clothes off and hang on the line. All of these clothes will need to be ironed. They may take a few minutes to talk to each other but they don’t stop all day. They usually serve chicken twice a day. They will need to kill the chicken and clean it and cook it. During the day they will burn any garbage in different areas of the yard. Mama is blessed because she has a propane burner in her kitchen. Many of the women never saw one before. Mama also has a large freezer in the dining room.

The women serve the men. The women eat outside. They never stop! There are no convinces here, but they are the lucky ones. They have a covered cooking area here. They have a pump on the property. They have electricity. I had to laugh; I saw this “white box” in the dining area. I almost asked if it was the microwave. When I talked to Mama about what a microwave was she was so amazed.


I have been having a hard time with the food. We went into town and I got some peanut butter. It never tasted so good. Mama loved it. I don’t think she has ever had it before.


I know when I get back home I will never take the water that come from my sink for granted. I complain about so many stupid things at home. I see things differently now.


The women getting ready to cook


The women washing the dishes.





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