Posted by: MamaPatricia | May 19, 2007


I watched Gerald and Fredrick play today. They are two of the four orphans that Mama and Bishop Koyo have adopted. I would guess them to be around eleven years old. They are boys! They love to play and make up scenarios. Today they have taken old tea boxes, which are rectangular in shape and turned them into cars. They have taken the caps of the water bottles that Fr. Francis and I have used and they are using them for the wheels. They have strings at the front of the boxes and they have been running back and forth, up and down the drive here in the compound. They have been doing this for hours. They are so excited and proud of their toys. They also have taken old automobile tires (which we have many with the roads that we have here) and run them back and forth with a stick.

Fredrick has the same shirt on all of the time. It is clean but has a rip in the front. He and Gerald are joined at the hip. Gerald has been with the Koyo’s for a long time; Fredrick on the other hand came last year. You never hear them yelling or screaming just playing. I don’t see people checking up on them as we would over here. They just know not to leave the compound.

The other day when I was emptying the pictures from the camera, I found some pictures in there that I did not take. I asked Fr. Francis if he took them and he did not. Well we figured out that the “boys” did! Right now they have been banished from our apartment!

Joyce and Trevor are the other two children of the Koyo’s Trevor is around 12 and has been with them since she was two. Both of her parents have died from AIDs and she has no family that would take her in. Joyce’s family died as well, but she is a relative of the Koyo’s so Mama and Bishop took her in. They work hard all day, not as much as the women do. They help with the kitchen stuff. They help with the laundry stuff. I NEVER hear them complain! I don’t think I have ever heard any of the children that have come in contact with complain. Most never watch TV. There is a quite gentleness in these girls that I see in Mama. She works with them. Teaching them how to be ladies and servants of the Lord Most High. This has been eye opening! Trevor is so kind hearted. I gave her some headbands to wear. I had six of them She kept one and gave the rest away. I have even seen Fredrick and Gerald wearing them.

One of the “illegal” pictures that the boys took




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