Posted by: MamaPatricia | May 18, 2007

Second Dispatch

I spent a lot of time with Mama Koyo, talking about her ministry that she does here at St. Peter’s. They have many young women; married, widowed and unmarried that she invests a lot of her time. These women are poor, unlike anything that I have ever seen back in the states. Mama tells me that many of the women that she works with are married to men who do not provide for them. The custom in Kenya is for the man to provide the wife a home to live. One of the women that Mama works with had eight children and no home to live in. The woman had to rent a small apartment to house herself and her children.


These people do not have any means of income. Mama is trying to give them a skill to use to help assist in the income of the family. Some of the women are going to learn how to tailor clothing, others she is encouraging to garden, so they can sell the produce in the town. Mama is a poultry farmer. She has at times up to 750 chickens, which she sells in the city to restaurants. She also receives an income from the eggs. The chickens here have little meat on them. They do not give the chickens any growth hormones. The chicken is tough when you eat them.


Mama will train the young woman on how to run a kitchen. There is no running water here. You must get the water from the pump and then heat it up on open fires. They have a large cement block that they work on. Mama is very careful about cleanliness here. Everything that that she washes of, she uses boiled water.
picking greens at the farm


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